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Tax Planning & Preparation for Individuals and Businesses

Maximize Your Savings with Expert Tax Guidance

At Romer & Company, PC, we offer comprehensive services for our clients, from individual tax returns to complex business tax solutions. Our team works with aviation employees, medical practices, sales and marketing agencies, creatives, property investors, out-of-state clients, and expats, as a few examples. We have specialties in small business, real estate and equity investing, non-profit organizations, and aircrew taxation

Tax Preparation & Filing

  • Meticulous preparation and filing for personal and business tax returns
  • Focus on accuracy, compliance, timely processing, and best solutions for each client
  • Knowledge of rules and regulations to maximize the savings and minimize tax liabilities
  • Saves clients time and reduces stress to provide peace of mind and a brighter outlook

Tax Planning, Strategies, and Business Consulting 

  • Holistic, proactive strategies for optimal tax savings and retirement planning
  • Strategic business consulting for best practices that promote growth and profitability
  • Optimization for growth and efficiencies to mitigate risks and promote financial health
  • Effective and efficient tax structures to support business and personal goals


Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Payroll

  • Forecasting, budgeting, manageable cashflow, and ability to meet tax deadlines
  • Accurate, timely payroll processing to enhance employee satisfaction and retention
  • Strict adherence to ever-changing rules and regulatory compliance
  • Insights on financial best practices, recordkeeping, and operational efficiencies 


Analysis, Audit, and Assurance Services

  • Verification of accuracy and integrity of financial statements, documents, and reports
  • Opportunity to identify options for expense reduction to increase profitability
  • Future-focused planning to avoid potential risks and financial challenges
  • Representation before the IRS for audits and notices on tax returns and reporting


These are broad categories outlining our services. Be sure to ask if you don’t see what you’re looking for: 612-872-0012.

“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” ~ Albert Einstein